Friday, January 14, 2011

Thank you, baby :)

Hello Everyone!
It's almost time for my blogging schedule to get back to normal :) Sorry about the lack of posts, again!
I hope you've all had a fantastic week, any plans this weekend?
This weekend I will be on the couch...
I just had all four wisdom teeth out yesterday... ouch! But all things considered my recovery is going very well. :) But I'm very swollen, and can't talk very well!

Before and after my dentist appointment, I spent some time with my boyfriend, Jordan.
Before the appointment....We finally had time for "our Christmas", and he got me the perfect present...

(Excuse the bad picture... I promise my skin doesn't look so blotchy, and my hair doesn't look so broken in real life ;) )

He got me this beautiful silver heart locket, and I love it so much! I have been wanting one for years, so I was very excited when I got this. It is definitely something I would have picked for myself :) Thank you, Jordan! ♥
Isn't it pretty?! I am going to be wearing it all the time now!

Now, after the appointment... I went back to Jordans house for a couple hours before heading back home. Now, keep in mind I just had surgery... I had gauze in my mouth, was really incoherent, drooling - just overall, definitely not at my best... but I need to say thank you again to my boyfriend for being the biggest sweetheart ever. He brought me blankets, slippers, water, gauze and lots of cuddles and forhead kisses which made me feel so much better! He`s too cute :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. beautiful! Good choice, Jordan! Feel better, Marley :)

  2. awww, that is sooo nice! :) have a happy weekend! and i hope you're feeling better after getting your wisdom teeth out.

    <3, Mimi