Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it... if not, what do you celebrate? :)) I apologize for my lack of posts; it has been an interesting past couple of weeks! Between kidney stones and getting ready for Christmas... it's just been crazy. Also, today was my 18th birthday! Which means I am officially legal in the province I live in! But unfortunately... I spent the entire day with an awful flu that has kept me up so long I`m not sure if my body remembers how to sleep anymore! (Sure seems like it doesn`t) But I`m off to try again :)

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cute kids and Kidney Stones!?

...I love the smell of kidney stones in the morning... not!
I can't work until it passes which makes me very sad... I work quite a bit (About 10 hours a day) but I love it. I was at work when it first started, I had no idea what it was and got rushed to the ER. But my mom was there, so it was okay :) We ended up playing weird hospital games to make it seem better than it was.
Part of what I do in a day is work as a casual youth worker for Boys and Girls Club, so when my mom went back to the office to tell them what had happened, she came back to the hospital with cards from kids for me! I'm sorry the picture is sideways... it won't let me fix it today!

The good side to being home... I get to watch more Ellen! I am a major Ellen fan... until I worked this much, I watched her every day! Now I will get to again for the next few...
Greyson Chance got his debut on Ellen... it is a pretty cool story, you should check him out! He's such an adorable kid haha I love in his interviews how he is always so stoked about everything. And I love this song :)

I also want his piano... I love word art like that.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It will just take a second to click :)

I always get these emails from ONE. I always sign the petition and email it off to a few people, but I've decided to also post a few on here! It just takes a second; all you have to do is click the link to make a difference! :)

Original email:

Today, as we mark World AIDS Day, I wanted to share something that isn't often said—good news about real, tangible, life-saving progress. Today, 6,500 fewer children will die of diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria or pneumonia than just 5 years ago.

It's staggering to me that with the right support we can make such a big difference, and it goes to show what can be achieved when people call for governments to act. However there is more to do—in fact, despite these amazing advances, over 1,000 children are born every day with HIV. It's a heart breaking fact, yet what makes it even harder to swallow is that this can easily be prevented through a simple treatment given to women during pregnancy.

Please click here to sign our petition asking leaders to finish the job and make sure no child is born with HIV:

Dear World Leaders,
By 2015 we can make sure no child is born with HIV. It all starts with an agreement at the United Nations to combat extreme poverty, with every country doing their bit. Please do yours. Thank You.

Help ensure that mothers get the medicines they need so that by 2015 no child is born with HIV. It sounds ambitious, but we know what progress can be made in just 5 years, so please join me today.

Together as ONE we can make a difference.


Roxane Philson,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Weekend!

How is everybody's weekend going? What have you been doing?
Mine started a day early this week, so I am stuck on thinking it is Sunday today, even though it is Saturday! (But I was very excited when I found out I get to sleep in tomorrow now! :))

I've spent the last three days up in Lethbridge to apply for so many jobs I lost count! (I am moving there in about a month... hopefully!) And of course, being in Lethbridge means I got to spend the last three days with my boyfriend, Jordan. It was so amazing to see him, we haven't seen each other in three weeks because the highway between our cities was so bad from the snow! I can't explain how perfect it was spending time with him, but that means I just miss him even more already! haha

Also, being in Lethbridge meant shopping! I didn't pick up very much since it is close to Christmas... but my mom bought me some early Birthday presents (My real birthday is December 26th, but I needed new winter jackets, so I got them early)
(Excuse bad picture quality... I don't own a good camera, so they are just with my iPhone!)

Both my Jackets are from Ricki's

This one is sooo warm! I love how it goes in at the waist..

My new peacoat :) I am so excited because it has purple in it! my favourite

Now for what I bought myself:
This is magic in a bottle. (The gift set was cheaper than buying just the oil!)
My hair has been SO AWFUL lately, I couldn't even hold back from buying this until after Christmas. So extremely frizzy, broken, dry.. yuck. I used it this morning, and what a difference already. I am going to try the hair mask tonight... I'll let you know how that works!

And lastly, I came home with two sweaters...
So for this, I'd just like to call it the "Marley vs Jordan" segment.

This is my sweater I bought today, a pink Ralph Lauren one that is so soft and warm :)

This is the sweater my boyfriend sent me home with :) haha... you can see our different tastes, but I guess opposites attract!
(I guess it is some Norwegian Death-Metal band. But I still love it!)

Who do you think should win? :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Monday, December 6, 2010


What a long, busy week + some it has been! So sorry for lack of posts, I am getting used to working 8:30 - 6:30, and it is harder than you might think! :)
(Especially if you're like me and love sleep...)

How was everybody's Monday? What did you do this past weekend? Any upcoming plans this week?

I finally get to see my boyfriend on Friday (we haven't seen each other in three weeks because of the snow!) and I am beyond excited!

As of lately, I'm so attracted to shiny things! (I sound like a bird!)
Sequined shirts like this one (from Bootlegger) have caught my eye a lot lately! I'm resisting from buying anything before Christmas now
Glitter-y eyeliners... especially gold and purple. I don't have one... yet... but it'll happen!

This I actually do have! My "Love nectar" Lustreglass from M.A.C. with lots of gold shimmer in it :)

In other news, I'm thinking I'm going to start a purse-sized go-to makeup kit. Any suggestions of what should be in it?