Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Gel

First off, my blogger won't let me comment on your blogs!
Does anyone know why it might be happening? It keeps saying I'm not signed in as a blogger, and when I click sign in, I'm already signed in, and when I sign in on the comment box, it puts me as anonymous! Is it a setting on my computer? How frustrating!

Anyway - I just got over a cold!

So naturally, when Bath and Body works had a sale on for hand sanitizer, I had to snatch a few. I got 5 sanitizers + 2 sanitizer holders for $5.

The scents I picked up are Midnight Pomegranate, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Berry Sorbet, Summer Escape, and my favourite Island Nectar . (You can check out more here)

I love, love, love these antibacterial hand gels because they don't end up smelling like alcohol after they dry on your hands! I also got two of their little squishy bottle holder things? haha I have no idea what to call them. But basically they are so you can attach them to the zipper of your bag! Mine are in bright orange and sparkly purple.... :)