Thursday, January 20, 2011

Award ♥

Thank you muchly to my lovely, lovely sister Meghan for passing on this award :)

Now, gotta think of seven things to share about myself... hmm!

1) I'm a shopaholic! When I'm not working, or in the city shopping, you can usually find me at home online shopping for one thing or another; particularly clothes and cosmetics. Considering how much time I spend making up "wishlists" and "shopping lists" online, I am proud of how much I've actually managed NOT to buy ;)

2) My favourite colour is by far purple. Everything is purple. My phone case, my blanket, my walls, my favourite sweater. It's in my jacket, my mittens, my scarf, my wallet... People I shop with laugh at me, because I'm instantly drawn to anything that colour

3) When I was in middle school I shaved my entire head for cancer. It took a while to get used to (I used to sit in class and try to tuck my non-existent hair behind my ears!) but I never regretted it, and it's still something I'm very proud of, and it still surprises me sometimes!

4) My biggest role model has always been my older sister, Megs! Growing up my mom was always really busy (can't blame her!), and most of my childhood memories are with my sister. Even though she always made me sit in the back seat of the car "because Big-bird said so", I've always really admired her and aspired to be like her. She is the reason I started playing music, getting into fashion, and working out... 3 of my favourite things :)

5) It's only this past year that I've really acknowledged my femininity (that word was really hard to type!) I was never really into makeup, had my hair straight everyday, didn't wear jewelry, and wore indie band t-shirts and jeans with my converse shoes just about everyday. I guess a lot can happen in a year! This year, I love experimenting with hair and makeup styles, and wearing lots of girly clothes and jewelry. Weird.

6) I am afraid of really silly things ... Worms and minnows. It wouldn't seem so insane if I didn't love snakes and sharks....

7) The Association I work at now, I have been a part of (in some way or another) for nearly ELEVEN YEARS. I love the people and atmosphere there, and it's become a huge part of who I am. Which makes me a little sad to be giving my two-weeks notice tomorrow. I am moving to a new city, which is very exciting! I am ready to leave the "city" I live in now, but it will be hard to leave work.

Now to pass this award on to other stylish bloggers!:
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  1. Thanks for your award!!!:D
    I'm very,very happy:)
    I wish a fantastic weekend!
    xx Mary

  2. hi marley! thanks for this award! and i am really in awe of #3! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. Aw, thanks Marley :) That is really nice of you to say. I didn't know - sorry I give you such a hard time all the time (and that I stole your pink sweater - I swear I thought it was Kelli's). See you sooooon!

  4. Hi!:D Thanks for tagging me and congratulations on the blog award!:D

    Shopping is always fun and wow, #3 is impressive!

    ***** Marie *****