Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Sometimes it just takes a couple words for someone to make your heart stop;
I just hope in your cases, it's in a good way.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I love...

(yes, it's a little geeky)

Well, the one I haven't isn't exactly a medi-pot, it's an already mixed saline solution that you pump into your nose and it cleans it out. Sound a little gross, I know... but I owe my life to this thing! To those of you with any nose problems- rather it be allergies, a cold, or chronic sinus (your sinus' don't drain on their own) disease (like me!), you will feel loads better the morning after using this! I swear on this stuff. For the longest time my ears, nose and throat were so completely gunked up that I would miss school and work because I just couldn't breathe. Doctors kept thinking it was a bacterial infection (that's what I thought, too) because the pain was mainly in my throat, and not in my nose, so they jacked me up on antibiotics for a long time but it turns out this was all I needed. This has even spread around my workplace; people in the office come and ask me all the time what it is I use, and in the next couple days they come and tell me how much of a difference it made! Even though it sounds a little bit icky, I love it enough to blog about it! So, if you have any nose problems... go get one!(You can get them in any drug store :])

I'm a product junkie, too.

So yes, it's true I did pretty much steal this idea from my sister Meghan's blog, but it is an excellent idea! (Copying is the sincerest form of flattery, right?) Plus, although Meg's and I look quite a bit alike and have very similar taste, our skin type and point in life are very different so they will be different from hers anyway :]

For those of you that know me pretty well, you know I spent most of my time growing up with my older sister Meghan, so we're pretty similar in quite a few ways (I think)... and she is a product junkie! Therefore, I am a product junkie!
(Don't forget to check her blog link up top to see her products, too!)

First off - Shampoo and Conditioner.
I have tried sooo many different shampoo's and conditioner's over time (even "high-end" products) , but I always go back to Pantene. I'm not sure what's in it that's different (or maybe what's in my hair that makes me like it?) But I just think it's what works best in my hair. I have naturally curly hair that get's SUPER frizzy, but it also gets pretty greasy after just a day... I find most other "moisturizing" hair shampoos/conditioners leave my hair waaaay too greasy, but this is a good balance :] -I've also started using their straightening cream for curly hair to help get rid of friz... so far I like it

Moroccan Oil is pretty much miracle in a bottle. I love this product.
It totally smooths down your hair and really helps those ends that fry up... I am horrible for blow-drying and flat ironing my hair way too often, and just a couple drops does magic, I swear.

This is where Meg and I are the same...
I actually got into BBW because my sister was going to the states and would bring me back some of these, I was so excited when it came to Canada!
Cherry Blossom, Cotton Blossom and Midnight Pomegranate are my favorite body washes!

I have extremely sensitive combination skin. I've tried proactive, clinique, and specially medicated treatments, and they all made me break into this horrible rash... it was not fun. Shockingly, what actually helped my face the most (and really reduced redness) is actually...
Goat Milk Soap. (about $7 for a box of three bars!) This Merle Norman Liquid Foundation is the only foundation I have ever used that hasn't lead me to a breakout... So far this little bottle has lasted me from mid-May until now, and I think I have a couple more weeks to get out of it! I find it is not one of the most amazing products for complete coverage, but it does make a big difference with un-even skin tone. With a little bit of powder on top, or whatever it is you do for the "problem areas" I'm sure it would do pretty great!

Friday, August 27, 2010

If I won the lottery today (1)...

I would buy a Gibson Hummingbird true Vintage guitar.

Mmm square-shoulder drednaught acoustic. Sitka spruce and Mohogany body with a rosewood fingerboard and an amazing pickguard! Beaut.


I heart long necklaces! (especially cluster ones, and bird ones...and birds-in-cluster-ones :])

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've always been a bit of an environmental "nerd", and I found this to be pretty outstanding....
Click here for the original post :]

Also, a friend of mine sent this to me a while ago and I did a project on it in High School... I started it up when I began writing this blog, and while it's been running... I am currently at a count of approximately 350,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, 2000 people being born, and 1000 passed away. (It will make more sense after you click on the link ;])

Recycled Ideas

I've always loved fashionable products that benefit the world in some way - like proceeds going to charitable organizations, or if it is manufactured in a more environmentally-friendly way like this cute Maggie Bag! Made from recycled seatbelts! So different.