Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh no! It's got me!

Warning: this is a bit of a jumbled post :)

For my birthday this year, my sister Meghan got me my first Lush products! (The Wild Child gift set)

This picture has some different things than mine did in it, but it's almost the same! It came with Rock star soap, bubblegum lip scrub, happy hippie body/hair wash and a sugar body scrub.... and I LOVE it. These products make me feel soo clean and make my skin so soft; I think I have a new addiction! Thanks Megs :)

So, Merry LATE Christmas again everyone! Did you get what you were hoping for?
I definitely got spoiled with a very girly Christmas this year. Almost everything I got was clothes, jewelry or cosmetic related which is wonderful!

This is my third week being sick... each week has been something different! But I prefer this one over the flu. I hope your New Year started much more healthier than mine!
I hope everyone had a very happy new year! Any resolutions?
I am going to continue my weight-loss this year. I got half way to my goal in a year, so hopefully I am all done this year! :)

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  1. glad you like the present I got you! I LOVE LUSH! It is totally an addiction.

    My new years (and Joe's) started off sick thanks to all you in Brooks. Blaaah. That stomach flu was so not fun. Feeling a bit better already but still a little off.

    Love you!