Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 1 - Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts

1) I can't print... when I try it always turns out so loopy it's practically cursive anyway!

2) I love sticky notes - when I was a receptionist, I was infamous for leaving everyone messages on colourful ones :)

3) I have 8 piercings... and I think I want more!

4) Since Christmas, I have worn my heart locket every single day. I feel like something is missing as soon as I take it off.

5) My future career ambitions change every couple days. Some of my favourites are firefighter, cruise-line director, audio engineer, helicopter pilot, children's psychologist... and recently, a pastry chef!

6) Coldplay has been my all-time favorite band since I stole the album Parachutes from my sister, Meghan, about 10 years ago!
7) My most hated weather is wind...

8) ...I just moved to the second windiest city in Canada.

9) I am a cat person, I have two cats at home - Cat-Dog and Turbo. I love them :) and one in Lethbridge at the house - Slash... haha she really isn't as mean as she sounds!

10) Every Tuesday at 9:00pm, I go to my boyfriends house... to watch Glee with his mom!

11) My favorite animal is the Meercat because when I went to the zoo, it striked different poses while I took pictures.

12) I am ticklish EVERYWHERE - my boyfriend Jordan makes sure he reminds me of this every single time I see him. No excuses. No exceptions.

13) I have a permanent callus on the inside of my right thumb; from the thumb-rest on my Tenor Saxophone that I played for about 8 years. (won Silver international!)

14) My nervous habit is pulling that piece of skin between your index finger and thumb... weird, I know.

15) I qualify as an Alberta Arts Honor student because I have a really high average in multiple Fine Arts classes.


  1. ooh, a helicopter pilot? You could fly STARS! My goal in life is to own a B&B - would you make pastries for it?!

    Oh, and I am all about sticky notes too. And I love number 11 - haha.

  2. Why don't you buy the douglas country inn?! and I sure will.

    I love sticky notes something fierce. I still have the pictures where he looks like he's sitting there smiling, it's pretty funny :)