Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fight the humidity!

Long time, no post!
For those of you who don't know, I recently returned home from a government volunteer program that sent me across Canada to Quebec and Ontario for a couple months. As a girl from dry ol' Alberta, my hair was definitely NOT used to the humidity. I tried adding more conditioner to my hair to help fly-aways, but it really just made my already oily hair more oily.

Godiva Solid Shampoo from LUSH saved my hair.

The site describes it as
VEGAN 2 IN 1 JASMINE SHAMPOO WITH CONDITIONING OILSNamed after a certain naked protestor, Godiva gets to work sending a message to your hair. Our vegan, 2 in 1 shampoo bar conditions your hair follicles with moisturizing nut oils and Shea butter to care for dry, processed locks and leave you with glossy, shiny, and softened tresses. Long used as a tonic for the hair and scalp, jasmine also perfumes your locks with an ultra-sexy fragrance with serious staying power.

(But I still like to use a conditioner afterward)

+ It smells amazing
+ Reduced frizz/ fly aways (my hair didn't puff up from humidity anymore!)
+ It made my hair so healthy I could actually skip a day of washing
 (I have very oily hair that looks greasy as soon as I wake up, so this was amazing!)
+ Added a healthy shine to my hair

The only thing I wasn't extremely happy about was how badly the bar started to crumble after it was about half used.

Have you tried any LUSH solid shampoos? Which one was your favorite? 


  1. Long time no post! Like a YEAR!

    I like most of their solid shampoos - but lately I have been using their liquid ones. My combination is Rehab for a shampoo and Veganese for conditioner - perfect of my oily, fine, wavy hair :)

    1. I love Rehab! I haven't tried Veganese. I think our hair type responds really well to light natural products! Lush always seems to be amazing :)