Thursday, May 26, 2011

Expensive vs Alternative

(Thank God It's Almost Friday)
It's about 11:21pm, so I figure it's fair to say :]
Hope everyone had a wonderful week - what are your weekend plans?

Lately I've been trying a lot of new products, some expensive, some cheaper!

Gel Liners:Coastal Scents Gel Liner (True Black) - $6.95

*Lots of colours

*Dries out quickly
*Leaves fallout

MAC Fluidline (BlackTrack) - $15.00
*Doesn't dry out

*Not many colours

If you have never tried a Gel liner before and are considering buying one without knowing for sure if you like it, or if you are going to use a lot in a small amount of time - go for the Coastal Scents gel liner. (Just make sure to apply some pressed powder eye shadow over top to help set it in place!)
But if you are an avid gel liner user like myself, I would definitely invest in a MAC Fluidline. I can't believe the difference between the formulas - I fell in love with this product from day 1! It stays nicely all day, and goes on so smoothly. It's almost like ink!

Personally, I recommend the MAC Fluidline for everyday use.


  1. my sister has the mac fluidline and she loves it. i guess for me, if i just want to try it i'll go for coastal scents, and then when i am really good at applying it, i'll go for mac. :D

    <3, Mimi