Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cute kids and Kidney Stones!?

...I love the smell of kidney stones in the morning... not!
I can't work until it passes which makes me very sad... I work quite a bit (About 10 hours a day) but I love it. I was at work when it first started, I had no idea what it was and got rushed to the ER. But my mom was there, so it was okay :) We ended up playing weird hospital games to make it seem better than it was.
Part of what I do in a day is work as a casual youth worker for Boys and Girls Club, so when my mom went back to the office to tell them what had happened, she came back to the hospital with cards from kids for me! I'm sorry the picture is sideways... it won't let me fix it today!

The good side to being home... I get to watch more Ellen! I am a major Ellen fan... until I worked this much, I watched her every day! Now I will get to again for the next few...
Greyson Chance got his debut on Ellen... it is a pretty cool story, you should check him out! He's such an adorable kid haha I love in his interviews how he is always so stoked about everything. And I love this song :)

I also want his piano... I love word art like that.


  1. Ellen makes life so much better lol, I try and watch her every day! She cracks me up.

    Sorry to hear about your kidney stone :/ i'm sure that isn't too pleasant. But don't stress, you got this.

    Love your blog! following you!

  2. ou, UR blog is amazing ! :P
    i like it !
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