Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life is just better with...

(In no particular order)
~Good primers~
I've noticed a HUGE difference in my foundation application after using the HD Make up Forever primer with it! (I use the green one because I have an over-all red undertone but no actual breakouts, and it works pretty well! ... However if you're looking for pore minimizing and breakout coverage [unless the skin-coloured one works differently, I'm not sure] I wouldn't really recommend it)
I love the Kat Von D eyeshadow primer in skin. My shadows have lasted much much longer with it!

~Heat Protectant~

I will be the first to admit I'm very guilty of being awful to my hair. I'm often dying it different colours, blow-drying it almost everyday as well as curling/flat-ironing. This has made a HUGE difference! My hair is much much softer, and my frizz has gone down dramatically.


I'm pretty sure I could be hired as an Elf. I LOVE Holidays- especially Christmas! I love the music, the decorations, the people, the spirit, the shopping, the cooking, the holiday specials! EVERYTHING! Today Jordan took me to Starbucks and I had my first holiday drink - White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha. Yum :]
I can't wait to start Christmas shopping!

~A healthy workout routine~

Coming from someone who used to be completely inactive and pretty down, I can't explain enough how much just getting out and exercising makes a difference in how I feel.
First off - I love my elliptical. When I first started using it, I felt awful after only SIX minutes... now I can easily run through the duration of Forrest Gump! (Which I have done twice since it was on tv!) I have awful knees so this really helps because I can get amazing cardio in without joint pain.

Even though Jillian Michaels is a hard ass, I honestly can't explain to you how much difference this video has made. Although I can't say I lost "20 pounds in 30 days" (I have awful eating habits) I have been doing this most of this past year and have lost over 50 pounds, 35 inches of body fat and gone down 2 BMI categories. I love how it's a short video(about half an hour including warm-up and cool-down) but it's really effective!

~When things smell good!~
(Ironically placed after naming something that makes you smell gross ;)...unless you have a way of still smelling good after a good workout... then fill me in!)
HOLIDAY SCENTS! I love when Cranberry scents come out. My mom has SO many of these (but in tarts). I love when she burns them around Christmas.
Victoria Secret scents... I think this one was my favorite! I should have gotten some instead of stealing a little bit from my cousins everyday in Edmonton! :]

Just my favorite perfume :]

~His sweater~I love having my boyfriends sweater. Because he lives and goes to school about an hour and a half away, we only see each other on the weekends. So during the week, he gives me his sweaters. No matter if I'm sad, cold, or miss him a lot this is the next best thing to having him here! Life is just better with something cozy from someone you care about :]

~A purpose~
"...Because the purpose of life is to have a life purpose."

Hope everyone had a great weekend, BRING ON MONDAY!


  1. Nice list! I remember Joe giving me a sweater he wore to take home with me after visiting him (we hadn't seen each other for 6 MONTHS and then got only 1 week together) but then the airline LOST MY LUGGAGE! All I wanted so bad when I got back to res was his sweater but I didn't get it for 2 days. I was so sad and crying - but Becs would sit with me and it was nice.

    I love primer too - I use the present.

    And Jillian Michael is a hard ass! I have that video too! I joined a new gym and they gave me a fitness test and I found out my v02 max was 90% which is elite. And I did 30 push ups so I had excellent strength. Crazy eh?

    Oh and right now, I am burning a candle called Pumpkin Patch and it is delicious! At Bath and Body Works you can get one called Frosted Cranberry and it smells just like cranberry stuff from Body Shop.

    You should have added Hanson Christmas to your list!

  2. Awe that is sad! That is good Becs was there though :] Sometimes when I'm wearing Jordan's hoodie people comment on them and talk to me about how good the band is, when really it's a scary metal band I've never heard of. This has happened twice so far.

    I think I actually like the present better if I remember right... but I do not have any! And what I have now is not too shabby!

    that's awesome!i dont know what vo2 max is though haha

    mmm I will have to check it out

    :O Good call, I do love me some Hanson... not JUST Hanson Christmas.

  3. i gotta go try those products! and i am really excited for the holidays! :D

    p.s. i am a new follower. :)

    <3, Mimi