Thursday, October 28, 2010

Winter is coming!

Well at least here, Winter is definitely on the way! Where I live, we have snow about eight months out of the year, and it's already started. Although I love skating, snowmen, hot starbucks drinks, flannel jammies and Christmas, I hate the cold! In fact, I think the only thing I like about the cold, are the winter-staple clothes that come with it!Say what you want (yes, I have heard the UGGly joke many times) but I love my Uggs! They are so warm and I was very excited when I could wear them during the first snow fall this week! (PS Meghan... I think I found your sock in one. BUSTED)
MITTENS! I love mittens, especially purple knitted ones with fleece on the inside! (I always find them at sport stores, but never buy them because I always ask for them for Christmas... funny thing is, I always end up getting the wrong kind of mittens!) So this year, Jordan and I are going mitten shopping and I am finally going to get my favorite ones. I can't wait ♥

I love black peacoats! I have had mine from Old Navy for years and I still wear it every season.
(this one from AE)
Even though I don't have any, I really want a sweater dress! I loved this one I found on Ruche.


  1. whatevs, I've never worn your uggs! I want that sweater dress too :)

  2. I live in Los Angeles so whenever it's cold, I embrace it.:D

    Loving coats and sweaters too.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I miss Los Angeles! We can trade weather anytime you want!