Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My-Favorite Alphabet: A!

It is September 1st! Which every other year, except for this one (because I just graduated high school a few months ago) has always meant back to school! This year I have decided to work, save and maybe get a couple adventures in before heading into University. But in honor of the school year starting, here is my new segment! My-Favorite Alphabet!


Ainsley, my niece!
Changed my life. She is so silly!

I have listened to this band for years, most of you probably know their song Boston. It was hard for me to pick a favourite song to post, but this one is definitely in the top choices.

Ankle Boots
Although I'm terrible at walking in any type of heel at all and probably could not wear these, I love them! It also doesn't help that they come in my favorite colour!

Acoustic guitars
This is the first guitar I bought, and I love everything about him. I played about six hours a day, everyday, until I learned all the main chords.

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  1. Ainsley is by far my favourite on your list :)