Monday, August 30, 2010

I love...

(yes, it's a little geeky)

Well, the one I haven't isn't exactly a medi-pot, it's an already mixed saline solution that you pump into your nose and it cleans it out. Sound a little gross, I know... but I owe my life to this thing! To those of you with any nose problems- rather it be allergies, a cold, or chronic sinus (your sinus' don't drain on their own) disease (like me!), you will feel loads better the morning after using this! I swear on this stuff. For the longest time my ears, nose and throat were so completely gunked up that I would miss school and work because I just couldn't breathe. Doctors kept thinking it was a bacterial infection (that's what I thought, too) because the pain was mainly in my throat, and not in my nose, so they jacked me up on antibiotics for a long time but it turns out this was all I needed. This has even spread around my workplace; people in the office come and ask me all the time what it is I use, and in the next couple days they come and tell me how much of a difference it made! Even though it sounds a little bit icky, I love it enough to blog about it! So, if you have any nose problems... go get one!(You can get them in any drug store :])


  1. hahaha, I had one when I had a sinus infection because you told me to get it! It really helped :)